Squeaky Clean Comedian, Funny Pat Shea

Yes my face actually can look like that... one part Cover Girl one part Rubber Cement
Yes my face actually can look like that… one part Cover Girl one part Rubber Cement


Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Pat Shea, a squeaky-clean, family-friendly comedian.

Need a clean comic to perform for your church, school, organization or corporate event? I’m your comedian.


All my topics are funny, family-friendly and there’s nothing political, inappropriate or profane. I am a member of the Christian Comedian Association and a member of the Association of Applied And Therapeutic Humor (the Home of Humor & Laughter Professionals). I have been performing humor all of my life and whatever your needs are and your budget is, I can create a custom show just for you!

And if you enjoy Music & Comedy in one show, I also have written and produced three shows for you to choose from to come to your location. I perform these shows with my good friend and singer, Frank Rendo and the response from groups has been overwhelming.  Let us travel to your location and entertain at your next event.

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  • When You’re Smiling: Humor and Music that Will Make You Smile
  • Have A Holly Jolly Christmas: Christmas Music and Humor that will Make Your Season Ring with Joy

Finally, comedy has cleaned up its act. Check out my blog for my video or my booking page to book me. Thanks for stopping by and keep smiling, keep laughing, stay joyful.


Funny Pat Shea