Love is never forgotten

I had the most marvelous cat. Her name was Houdini and due to circumstances beyond my control (loss of home, loss of job) I had to put her in foster care for kitties a few years ago. The wonderful thing is my friend Kathy who already had 5 cats, agreed to take Houdini (known as Deenie) and my other cat, Gracie. Unfortunately Gracie passed from an unknown heart ailment within a few months of her being at Kathy’s, but Deenie stayed with Kathy and apparently got married (to Misha and adopted a daughter of her own–don’t ask me—that’s what I know). But my heart never forgot my Deenie girl. It broke when I left her and when I had a new home and could take her again, I knew it would be too hard for her to leave Kathy and Misha and all the other cats she had grown up with and loved. But here’s the interesting part. The heart doesn’t forget love.

Kathy brought Deenie to Lil Bit of Heaven on Sat night, Sept 26, and the second I saw her I started singing this goofy song I used to do, whenever I saw her…”Deenie. Deenie, Deenie McWeenie…” In a flash, she came out of the cat carrier and was brushing up against me as if to say, “Well, it’s you! It’s been a long time.” But Deenie every so often would take out a minute to rub up against Kathy as if to say, “I may have missed Pat, but I love you too.”

The heart remembers. Love is never forgotten. It’s true in families. It’s true in romance. And it’s true in the pure love we share with our furbabies.

Love is never forgotten.

One of the greatest cats of all time.
One of the greatest cats of all time.


I love the pope. It has nothing to do with being Catholic, I just think this guy has it all together. I like a man who wears white without fear. I like a man who says what he means and means what he says. And I have to say, I love the pope-mobile.

But more importantly, I love that this man has a sense of humor. He isn’t afraid to be human. He isn’t afraid to laugh and to hug and feel joy. I can’t remember when that’s been something a leader conciously did in our country. Oh sure, we had George Bush get ill on the head of Japan and Ronald Reagan sleeping in meetings and countless other social gaffs, but the pope goes out of his way to laugh and spread joy to others. Intentionally. As a comedian, I admire that. As a mom, I strive for that. And as a person, I am just glad I am around to see it in action.

In the words of comedian Jim Carrey, “Pope Francis, I like the cut of your jib.”

Here’s to laughter. It’s a pretty holy gift from above so let’s share it.

Pope Francis laughs during a private audience with the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines at the Vatican on December 19, 2013. AFP PHOTO POOL / TIZIANA FABI        (Photo credit should read TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images)


So, what do YOU think?

imagesI am trying to seem like I know technology really, really, well, but truth be told, my son had to install my “simple” dvd player and I am continually hitting “input” instead of “channel return” when I am trying to get back to a show I enjoy watching (I am one of those strange people who watch two shows sometimes at the same time”

So I am trying to work through this website. I am determined to work through this website. I am….going to….ask for help.

I know the layout isn’t much right now but I hope to have it more interactive as we go along. Please let me know what you’d like to see on here and what you’d rather bypass altogether.

Thanks. I would send you an emoticon but I haven’t a clue.

Video post “″>

Here is a video of me.
It’s about 20 mins long.
Understand I change my haircolor as often as other people do their socks.
And currently, there’s a lot less of me to see these days….since I lost a bit of weight.
Other than that, it’s just like I’m standing there talking to you.
If you were at Lil Bit of Heaven and I wasn’t upstate.
Then it would be sort of like that.
Sort of.

Blog Post: ChitChatFromPat

Chit chat with Pat
Chit chat with Pat

I’m probably going to change the name of this post.
It’s a little strange.
But when I was 11 I got stationary, it was blue with words on the top that said, Chit Chat From Pat and I thought it was catchy. I never really wrote to anyone on that stationary, but I thought of a lot of people I would like to write to.

Ok. I did write to Donny Osmond. But he never wrote back. I suppose he was too busy answering Delightful Dirt from Delores, or Tip Top Talk from Tonya, but he never answered.

What the heck did poor Zelda do? Zip-a-dee-doo-dialogue from Zelda? Hmmm. Makes you wonder.

Donny, I’m still waiting.