Ohhh McDonalds…I deserved a break today not to mention hot and fresh nuggets

The idea of hot and fresh food may not have reached my town...
The idea of hot and fresh food may not have reached my town…











I think McDonalds is getting just a little big for their red Ronald clown shoes in my town. When I stopped to get four McNuggets for dinner last night I asked the girl to make sure they were fresh and hot since it’s too hard for me to process nuggets that have been hanging around a while. Here’s how the conversation went.

“You want them….Fresh?”
“You mean you want us to make new ones?”
“You want nuggets hot right now from the fryer?”
“Yes that’s the general idea. Hot. Fresh.”
“Right now?”
“Yes. I mean I’m here at the drive thru right now so right now would be convenient. Is that a problem?”
“Nope. But no one ever asked me this before”
“No one ever wanted their food hot and fresh?”
“Nope. They just order it ”
“And then what?”
“We bag it.”
“What happens if their food is cold and not fresh?”
“Well I guess they come back but they come inside, they dont come back to me. But that doesnt happen unless we forget something like a fry. People get crazy if you forget a fry”
“Well, I can understand that but I don’t need a fry. Just the nuggets”
“And you want them fresh”
“That’s right. Hot. Fresh. And sometime soon if it’s not any trouble”
“No, no trouble but you can get them faster if we just bag them now.”
“But if you bag them, they’re not hot are they?”
“No not really”
“And they’re not really fresh?”
“Well, they weren’t made a long long time ago. Just a while ago.”
“Well, I would still like to get them fresh.”
“It’s going to be a wait.”
“that’s ok. I don’t mind waiting.”
“Do you mind if I ask you why?”
“Why what?”
“Why do you want them fresh and hot?’
“Hmmm. well, that’s the way I usually eat food. I’m funny that way. Plus I can’t eat nuggets that have been hanging around a while.”
“Why not?”
“It just doesn’t agree with me.”
” I sure don’t blame you for that. If you wait too long with nuggets you get rocks.”
[She actually says into the speaker  “Gimme 4 nuggets and the lady wants them fresh!”]
[buzzy feedback from the kitchen.]

“Yes. I said fresh. That’s how she eats them.”

10 minute wait for four hot fresh nuggets. But I did get a toy and a new comedy bit.