My new life. Chapter 1 (also known as a Monkey in a Broadway Dress)


A friend gave me coasters with this title. Considering I’m on move 18 and in yet again another new apartment in another new town it seems fitting.

Time for a do- over. Again

I am back on Long Island and reeling from the traffic, the cost and dealing with a new job. The good news is I am connecting back with old friends and family. And although there’s been a few hills to climb, there’s been a lot of laughs.

Today  my friend Kendall cracked me up on the way to work — I’ve known Kendall over 40 years  and we both are the youngest daughter in our family (she is #2 of 2, I’m #3 of 3).

During my recent whining about a difficult time in my life and how I don’t always believe I am being heard by my family she made the keen observation that sometimes, due to our place in the birth order, we get treated like a monkey in a Broadway dress.

im still laughing.

That’s the beauty of life  even in moments of crisis, or sadness or frustration– even in move 18, or when you feel like the world is treating you like a monkey in a Broadway dress, you can laugh.

God bless and keep laughing

Sometimes, due to our place in the birth order, we get treated like a monkey in a Broadway dress.





Funny… You don’t look like a comedian

I just lost a lot of weight. Like 2 sixth graders worth but someone recently mentioned I looked funnier when I was heavier.


granted clothing choices are limited so some of my outfits were a bit on the odd side sometimes but I assure you my sense of humor ( and some say my ego) remain super sized.

But if suddenly I start whining about the lack of Greek yogurt in the world or that I had to throw out a whole pan of lasagna because it was too high carb you have my permission to tell me to smack me in the head with a bag of marshmallows.

My new life and yours begins now
My new life and yours begins now