About Pat

I always wanted to be a ballerina
I always wanted to be a ballerina
I didn’t plan to be a comedian.
I actually wanted to be a ballerina….well, at least when I was 5. But flat feet and a lack of balance were to be my swan dive and I realized, growing up in my family, that some of the funniest moments were just being a Shea.

My comedy comes from my life. I raised a son who isn’t in therapy (yet), taught my senior citizen mother how to use the cellphone (ok, I TRIED to teach her), dated a man who ran a funeral business (OY!), and nearly caused an uproar during a child’s birthday party (it wasn’t my fault…well at least most of it wasn’t).

I do believe that comedy is one of the greatest gifts we have to offer, and one of the greatest gifts to give ourselves. And when it’s clean comedy, comedy you never have to worry about being embarrassed about (ok…only ME and MY family need to worry about that since the stories are all about us), but there’s no profanity, nothing to make you blush, just good clean fun and laughter.